Panasonic Hybrid EPABX (3 Line X 16 Ext.)

Advanced Hybrid Telephone System – up to 8 extensions

The KXTEA308E is initially configured to 3 exchange lines and 8 extensions. This is it’s maximum capacity, so you do not need to add any optional cards.

The system comes with built-in DISA (Direct Inward System Access) / Message on busy, Extension Caller ID, Remote Modem and USB Port for PC Programming.

Extension Caller ID

Extension Caller ID compatibility displays the incoming caller’s phone number or name when used with a Panasonic proprietary display telephone. Up to 20 calls can be logged per extension.

Voice Message Card

The Optional Voice Message Card ensures you will never miss a call when you are not available. You can customise you voice mailbox, by recording your own greetings which will be played when you cannot answer your phone. This system supports the KXT7700 series range of telephones (Panasonic KXT7735,Panasonic KXT7730Panasonic KXT7720 and Panasonic KXT7750).

  • Call barring
  • Call diversion
  • Call management
  • Call waiting
  • Caller line identity
  • Conference call
  • Door opener
  • Hold
  • MOH
  • Optional DISA facility
  • Paging
  • Voicemail
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No. of Lines 3
No. of Extensions 16
Abbreviated dialing For max. 24 numbers
Allowed and Denied List you can specify list of numbers to allow and deny dialing for each extension.
Auto Call Back Yes
Automatic Call Disconnector Yes
Auto Redial Yes
Auto shut Dynamic Lock Yes, locks STD and Local Calls for any extension.
Call Pickup You can answer the call of your colleague from your own desk without going to his extension.
Call Splitting With this feature you can talk with two persons alternative by just dialing flash.
Call Transfer Yes
Call Conference You can have 3-party conference with extension and trunks
Direct inward Dialing Yes, frequent caller can reach desired extension by dialing the extension number.
External Call Forwarding the system can be programmed such that all calls are forwarded to another number.
Executive/ Secretary With this feature you can transfer all calls for the boss through secretary.
Welcome Message for Incoming calls Yes


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