Packed with features the KX-TDA600 is ideal for so many different applications. These include hospitality, call centres, remote users and IP networking. It also allows for greater efficiency, with DECT and IP handsets can provide mobility and flexibility around the office, site or network. The KX-TDA600 can also integrate with the KXT-VM voice range with integrated email delivery.

Utilising the gateway and extender or IP handsets, homeworkers and remote branches can access the features of your central communication platform.

Built on twenty years experience of developing business communications technology, the top of the range hybrid IP PBX KX-TDA600 works seamlessly with IT, and combines voice and data in one low cost next generation Hybrid solution.

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Power Voltage:- AC100V ~ 240V
External Battery:- +36V (+12V x 3), Built-in interface
Memory Back-up Duration:- 7 years
Dialling:- Extension – z (10pps, 20pps), DTMF
CO – DP (10pps, 20pps), DTMF
Mode Conversion:- DP-DTMF, DTMF-DP
Connectors:- CO Line – Amphenol Connector
Station:- Amphenol Connector
Paging Output:- 2 conductor jack
External Voice Output:- 2 conductor jack
Ring Frequency:- 20/25 Hz (Selectable)
Central Office Loop Limit:- 1600 ohms Max.
Operating Environment:- Temperature – 0 – 40 C (32 – 104 F)                                                          Humidity – 10 – 90%
MOH (Music on Hold):- 2 ports
MOH # 1:- External Music Source
MOH # 2:- Internal Music / External Music Source
(Level control:-  -6dB ~ +6dB per 3dB)
Internal Paging:- Level control: -6dB ~ +6dB per 3dB
External Paging:- 2 ports (Level control: -15dB ~ +15dB per 3dB)
Serial Interface Port:- USB: 1 port
RS-232C:- 1 port (115.2kbps)
Structure:- Free Slot style Can be accommodated into 19″ Rack
Basic Shelf:- 430mm(W) x 415mm(H) x 270mm(D)
Expansion Shelf:- 430mm(W) x 415mm(H) x 270mm(D)
Weight (when fully mounted):
Basic Shelf:- Under 16 Kg
Expansion Shelf: Under 16 Kg


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