Key Features 
:Handset Wireless•
.handset wireless by, else something doing are you while even and home the in everywhere from promptly respond and visitors Check
.range the expand repeaters on add can You. obstacles no with m 100 is range wireless Max. connectable monitor wireless 4 to UP
(shots 8 of consists session 1: sessions separate 50. (400 to up of images the records intercom The: Function Recording Picture•
.horizontal and vertical both angles wide at viewing easy offer monitor Main: Screen Wide inch-5•
.(keys lower (s’man a like sounds) keys higher (voice s’woman makes function This: Function Change Voice•
using When. operation same the using call door a transfer can station monitor sub the and station monitor main the Both: Call Intercom•
.stations monitor sub the between calls intercom make can you, stations monitor sub multiple
:(Opener Door (Support Release Lock Electric•
.house the of floor second the from even released quickly and easily be can lock door The
: (lamp illumination (lights LED with Vision Night•
.night at cm 50 about of distance a at visitors of display colour the enables It). lamp illumination (lights LED with equipped is Station D

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diagram schematic Wiring
length and type Wire
Monitor Main the Installing Doorphone the Installing
(station monitor Sub (Monitor Wireless) Doorphone (Station Door) monitor Main (Station Monitor Main name and number Model
Charger body Main
(mAh 650 / DC V 6.3 (battery MH-Ni Station Monitor Main the by Supplied Hz 60/50, AC V 240 – 100 supply Power
adaptor AC
(Hz 60/50, AC V 240-100 (PQLV219BX: W605BX-VL
(60Hz/50, AC V 240-220 (PQLV219E: W605CX-VL
(Hz 60/50, AC V 240-220 (PQLV219AZ: W605AZ-VL
A 04.0. Approx: Standby consumption Power
– – – A 28.0. Approx: operation During
(D x W x H (Dimensions
mm 35 x 52 x 157. Approx mm 5.36 x 99 x 131. Approx mm 38 x 165 x 190. Approx) sections protruding Excluding(
mm 90 x 76 x 115. Approx
mm 48 x 76 x 105. Approx
(stand the without using(
(stand the including (g 115. Approx) battery the including (g 175. Approx g 200. Approx g 785. Approx Weight
RH % 90 to Up, C °40 to C °0 environment Operating
condensing non) Humidity Relative (
RH % 90 to Up, C °50 to C °10-
condensing non) Humidity Relative(
RH % 90 to Up, C °40 to C °0
condensing non) Humidity Relative(
RH % 90 to Up, C °40 to C °0
condensing non) Humidity Relative (
– monitor LCD colour? 8.1 – display colour wide, inch-5. Approx Display
– GHz 481.2 – GHz 402.2 – GHz 481.2 – GHz 402.2 Frequency
?87. Aprrox: Horizontally – angle Viewing
– – ?66. Approx: Vertically
mount Wall method Installation
(included bracket mount Wall(
mount Wall
– – (included base mount Wall(
– – (lens camera the from 50cm. approx within (lx 1 – required illuminance Minimum
– – LEDs Infrared, lights LED white Warm – method Lighting
– – 1*IPX3 – rating IK/rating IP
resin ABS resin ABS resin ABS retardant Flame resin ABS retardant Flame material Exte


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