PLENA all-in-one 180W Two Zone Mixer Amplifier


Microphone and line inputs
The mixer amplifier has four microphone inputs.
Separate level controls are available for all the inputs.
For all the inputs (except Aux input), phantom power
can be switched on to provide power to condenser
microphones. Inputs 1 and 2 can be configured
between line and mic level sensitivity. Inputs 3 and 4
are for connecting microphone only. Microphone
inputs 1 and 2 have a combo connector so that both
XLR and 6.3mm TRS connectors can be used for
connecting microphones.Other microphone inputs are
standard XLR connector.
Music source and music input
The unit has one music input and an internal music
source. There is a source select button on the front
panel to select between auxiliary input and internal
music source.The internal music source plays MP3
files from an SD/MMC card or USB device with a
capacity of up to 32 GB. The player will automatically
search and play all playable MP3,WMA files and has
repeat and random play modes. The following formats
are supported: MP3,WMA files with bit-rates from 32
FM Tuner
The digitally controlled FM tuner uses a frequency
synthesizer for accurate capture of radio stations and
has five presets to store favorite radio stations.
A 100V emergency/telephone input with VOX
activation is provided for easy integration with another
PA system or a telephone paging system. It has its own
preset volume control and overrides all other inputs,
including music input and mic/line inputs. The unit
also has a line output to add booster amplifiers for
larger systems with more output power.The unit has a
24VDC input for backup power supply.The unit has a
RJ45 connector for integrating with the PLE-2CS Call
An LED VU meter monitors the master output. A
headphone socket, below the VU meter, provides the
mixer output. The power is directly available on 100V
constant voltage connections and on a low impedance
connection for a 4 ohm load.The line out provides the
line level mixer output through the XLR connector.
The mixer amplifier has two zone outputs. The music
can be switched on and off in the zones via the front
panel. Announcements from the PLE-2CS two-zone call
station can be routed to zone 1 or zone 2, or both.
Announcements from the Telephone/100 V input is
routed to both zones and can override
the microphone and PLE-2CS signals.
Controls and indicators
Front Panel
• Power on switch and LED
• LED VU meter for master output
• Master volume control
• Four volume control knobs for microphone inputs
• Volume knob for background music
• Source select button for music source
• Knob for treble level
• Knob for bass level
• Headphone socket
Rear Panel
• Four Inputs and one Aux input
• Dip switches
• Line output
• Telephone/Emergency input with volume control
• RJ45 input for connecting PLE-2CS
• 100V and 4 Ohm loudspeaker outputs
• 24 VDC Backup input


Technical specifications


Mains Power Supply

Voltage:- 230 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz

Inrush Current PLN-1AIO090-IN:- 13A

Battery power supply

Voltage:- 24VDC ±15%

Current:- 9A


Max/Rated Output Power:- 270W/180W

Frequency response:- 80Hz to 18kHz

Distortion:- <1% at rated power,1kHz

Low Control:- Max -8/+8 dB

Hi Control:- Max -8/+8 dB


Input 1 and 2:- XLR and 6.3mm TRS combo connector,balanced                                    Configurable between line and mic sensitivity

Input 3 and 4:- XLR connector

Sensitivity:- 1 mV (mic); 200 mV (line)

Impedance:- ?1 kOhm (mic); >5 kOhm (line)

S/N at rated power:- ?60 dB (mic); 65 dB (line)

CMRR (mic.):- >40 dB

Phantom power supply:- 9 V via 1.2 kohm (mic)

Speech filter:- -3 dB @ 315 Hz

Music Input

Connector:- Cinch, stereo converted to mono

Sensitivity:- 200 mV to 300 mV

Impedance:- 22 kohm

S/N at rated power:- ?70 dB

Master Output

2 | PLENA all-in-one 180W Two Zone Mixer Amplifier

Connector:- 3-pin XLR , balanced

Nominal level:- 1V

Input Impedance:- <100 ohm

Emergency/Telephone Input

Connector:- 5-pin, Euro style pluggable screw terminal

Sensitivity (telephone):- 100 mV – 1 V adjustable

Sensitivity (100 V):- 10 V – 100 V adjustable

Impedance:- >10 kohm

S/N at rated power:- > 65 dB

RJ 45 input

Call station input:- For PLE-2CS

Loudspeaker Output

Connector for 100V output:- Euro style pluggable screw terminal,                                                        floating

Max./Rated Power:- 270W / 180W

Loudspeaker Output from 4 Ohm:- 26.8 V


Dimensions (H x W x D):- 88 x 433 x 250 mm (19″ wide, 2U high)

Mounting:- Stand-alone, 19″ rack

Color Charcoal

Weight:- Approx. 10kg


Operating temperature:- -10 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature:- -40 °C to +70 °C

Relative humidity:- <95%


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