Key Features

.apartments smaller for functionality high with Station Lobby basic A: residences 20 to Up for Keys 10 with Station Lobby•
.easy and quick installation make cables wire-2 polar non The: Installation Easy and Quick•
.up-line diverse our from purpose and budget your fits best that monitor a choose can You: up-Line Monitor Diverse•
:(Indicator LED segment-7 (Display Number Room•
.selected have you number room the confirm easily to you allows indicator LED segment-7 The
.plate name a on household each of name the show can You): Plates Number Room (Plates Name•
.room any from locks release can you, connected is monitor optional an If. released quick and easily be can lock door The: Release Lock Electric•
.Station Lobby the from entrance common the unlock to entered be can code PIN A: Code PIN via Unlocking Door•
.downwards° 5 and upwards° 15 of maximum a angle camera the adjust to used be can lever control angle camera The: Angle Camera Adjustable•
.dimming backlight for compensate to used be can cabinet upper the of back the on switch The: Switch Compensation B

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(Station Lobby (V591-VL name and number Model
(mm: Unit(
(Unit Supply Power (PS241-VL
A 6.0, DC V 24: Output), Hz 60/50 (A 2.0, AC V 240-220: Input) PS241-VL (unit supply Power source Power
– A 03.0: operation During, A 02.0: Standby consumption Power
(D x W x H (Dimensions
(sections protruding Excluding(
mm 3.17 x 180 x 358
mm 54 x 100 x 104) wall the into embedded sections Excluding(
g 215 kg 0.2 Weight
C °50 +to C °10. -Approx: temperature Ambient environment Operating
% 90 to up): condensing-non (humidity Relative
C °40 +to C °0. Approx: temperature Ambient
% 90 to up): condensing-non (humidity Relative
(only use indoor(
– free-Hands method Talking
– °66. Approx: Vertically°, 87. Approx: Horizontally angle Viewing
rail DIN to attach or mount Wall) supplied box mounting flush (mount Flush method Installation
resin ABS+PC retardant Flame resin ABS retardant flame and steel Stainless material E


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