PLENA all-in-one 180W Two Zone Mixer Amplifier


Technical specifications


Mains Power Supply

Voltage:- 230 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz

Inrush Current PLN-1AIO090-IN:- 13A

Battery power supply

Voltage:- 24VDC ±15%

Current:- 9A


Max/Rated Output Power:- 270W/180W

Frequency response:- 80Hz to 18kHz

Distortion:- <1% at rated power,1kHz

Low Control:- Max -8/+8 dB

Hi Control:- Max -8/+8 dB


Input 1 and 2:- XLR and 6.3mm TRS combo connector,balanced                                    Configurable between line and mic sensitivity

Input 3 and 4:- XLR connector

Sensitivity:- 1 mV (mic); 200 mV (line)

Impedance:- ?1 kOhm (mic); >5 kOhm (line)

S/N at rated power:- ?60 dB (mic); 65 dB (line)

CMRR (mic.):- >40 dB

Phantom power supply:- 9 V via 1.2 kohm (mic)

Speech filter:- -3 dB @ 315 Hz

Music Input

Connector:- Cinch, stereo converted to mono

Sensitivity:- 200 mV to 300 mV

Impedance:- 22 kohm

S/N at rated power:- ?70 dB

Master Output

Connector:- 3-pin XLR , balanced

Nominal level:- 1V

Input Impedance:- <100 ohm

Emergency/Telephone Input

Connector:- 5-pin, Euro style pluggable screw terminal

Sensitivity (telephone):- 100 mV – 1 V adjustable

Sensitivity (100 V):- 10 V – 100 V adjustable

Impedance:- >10 kohm

S/N at rated power:- > 65 dB

RJ 45 input

Call station input:- For PLE-2CS

Loudspeaker Output

Connector for 100V output:- Euro style pluggable screw terminal,                                                       floating

Max./Rated Power:- 270W / 180W

Loudspeaker Output from 4 Ohm:- 26.8 V


Dimensions (H x W x D):- 88 x 433 x 250 mm (19″ wide, 2U high)

Mounting:- Stand-alone, 19″ rack

Color:- Charcoal

Weight:- Approx. 10kg


Operating temperature:- -10 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature:- -40 °C to +70 °C

Relative humidity:- <95%


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