MW1-RX?Fx Wireless Microphone Receivers

The MW1-RX-F1 and MW1-RX-F2 wireless microphone
receiver is part of the Bosch wireless microphone
system. The complete system consists of a
microphone receiver, a wireless belt-pack transmitter
with clip-on lavalier microphone (MW1-LTX-F1 or MW1-
LTX-F2) or a wireless handheld transmitter (MW1-HTXF1 or MW1-HTX-F2). The products are sold separately
to offer optimal flexibility in the composition of a
The wireless microphone system is designed for public
address in churches, restaurants, conference centers,
hotels, shops and many other applications.
A dual rack mount kit (MW1-RMB) including, a front
panel, and an antenna adapter kit for mounting up to
two receivers in a 19” rack are also available.
The receivers operate in the UHF band, providing
interference reduction, while 193 available frequencies
ensure stable reception. The MW1-RX-F1 operates in
the 790 to 814 MHz frequency band, and the MW1-RXF2 operates in the 852 to 876 MHz band. The country
overview lists the recommended type number for each
If the microphone is already set to a frequency, the
receiver can scan the frequency band and
automatically connect to the microphone. A lock
function protects the receiver settings, making
accidental changes impossible. This feature is also
available on the Bosch hand-held microphone and the
belt-pack transmitter. The LCD on the receiver shows
the selected frequency, the RF and AF signal level,
antenna indication and the battery status of the
microphone which is used.
The microphone receiver has balanced XLR and
unbalanced output for more convenience.
Controls and indicators
• Frequency up/down buttons
• Menu selection button
• Audio level knob
• LCD with backlight displaying: frequency, antenna
A/B, mute status (squelch), RF/AF level, battery level


Technical specifications

Power source:- 12 V to 18 V, 500 mA


Modulation:- FM
Frequency selection:- PLL synthesized control
Frequency range:- MW1-RX-F1: 790 to 814 MHz
MW1-RX-F2: 852 to 876 MHz
Channels:- 193 channels in steps of 125 kHz
Frequency stability:- ±0.005%
Technology:- True diversity system
S/N ratio:- >100 dB
Antenna:- 2 x
Connector:- BNC
HF impedance:- 50 ohm
Output:- 2 x
Connector:- XLR-3 male, balanced
Output level:- -12 dBV (max)
Output impedance:- 600 ohm
Connector:- 6.3 mm jack, unbalanced
Output level:- 0 dBV (max)
Output impedance:- 2.2 kohm
Squelch:- Pilot tone and noise mute
2 | MW1?RX?Fx Wireless Microphone Receivers


Dimensions (H x W x D):- 40 x 211 x 152 mm
Color:- Charcoal
Weight:- Approx. 1 kg
Antenna length:- 50 mm (½ ?)


Operating temperature:- -25 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature:- -40 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity:- <95%


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