Fire Alarm Control Panel(RE-102-2 Zones)

  • Ravel Indian Manufacturer, International standard.
  • Switch Mode Power Supply.
  • Modular Construction, Serviceable.
  • Surface Mount Technology.
  • Battery polarity & deep discharge protection.
  • As per IS -15908: 2011 Standard.
  • 16 X 2 Dot Matrix LCD Display.
  • Standby battery backup with built in charging.
  • Fire / Fault status in unambiguous colored LED indication.
  • Switch Mode Power Supply.
  • Tactile Keypad for easy panel operation.
  • System on indication.
  • Main, Standby status indication.
  • Low Battery visual warning with audible tone.
  • Relay output for actuators for Fire and Fault.
  • Lamp Test facility
  • Zone wise one man walk Test Facility.
  • Zone wise Isolation facility with loop voltage cut off.
  • Compatible to all type of Conventional Detectors.
  • Optional Zone Wise Sounder / Zone Wise Contact.


Electrical Specification

Primary Power
120 – 220VAC , 50 Hz
Common Relays
Type   :   Form C
No of Relays   :   3
Relay Contact Rating   :   2Amps @ 30 VDC, 0.5Amps @125VAC.
Power Factor   :   1
Standby Power
24V D.C (2 Nos of 12v, 7Ah Sealed Lead acid battery).
Quiescent current   :   55mA
Operating Condition
Operating Temperature   :   0 – 49° C/32-120° F.
Relative Humidity   :   93 ± 2% RH (non- condensing) at 32 ±2° C/90 ±3° F.
Initiating Device Circuits (Zone Circuit)
All zones are Class B wiring
Normal Operating Voltage   :   14- 21 VDC
Alarm Current   :   15 – 30mA
Short Circuit Current   :   42mA Maximum
Loop resistance   :   50 ohms Maximum
End-Of-Line Resistor   :   4.7K, 1/4watt
Standby Current   :   6.8mA (2.4mA for Detectors)
Charging Circuit
Charging Voltage 28.2V, ±0.5V
Charging Current 0.5 A (Max.).
Notification Appliance Circuits
Class B wiring
Operating Nominal Voltage   :   24VDC
Current for NACs   :   0.6 Amp
End-Of-Line Resistor   :   4K7, 1/4 watt

Mechanical Specification

Dimensions : (350W X 250H X 100D)
Color : Red / White
Construction : 18 Gauge (1.22mm) CRCA sheet with powder-coated Finish
IP Rating : IP50
Cable Entry : 11xø19mm Knockout in top of the cabinet

Ordering Information

Model Description
RE-102-W 2 ZONE Fire Alarm Panel
RE-102-R 2 ZONE Fire Alarm Panel

R- Red Color, W-White Color

Compatible Devices

Model Description
RE-316S-2L Photoelectric Smoke detector with base.
RE-316H-2L Heat detector with base.
RE-316SH-2L Photoelectric & Heat detector with base


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