Bosch Plena 240W 2 Zone Mixer Amplifier

2 Zone – Bosch 240W Mixer Amplifiers are suitable for many commercial applications including clubs, cafes and schools.

Can be used in 100 Volt or 8 Ohm audio PA systems.

Ideal for background music systems.

Backed with a 3 year factory warranty, the Plena range from Bosch offer affordable solutions and great performance.

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  • 6 microphone/line inputs plus 3 music source inputs
  • 100 V, telephone and a call station input with priority & VOX
  • 2 zones and announcement only output
  • Voice activated emergency override
  • High output power 240 Watts


Microphone and line inputs

All Mic/line inputs can be switched between microphone level and line level sensitivity.

The inputs are balanced but can be used unbalanced. Phantom power can be switched on to provide power to condenser microphones.

Music inputs

Separate music inputs are available with their own input selector and volume control.

The user can choose a music source like a CD player or radio (like the PLN-DVDT), and set the level of music.

Personalized settings

More unique features are available such as detachable labels where the user can write the names for inputs, music sources and zones.

These labels can then be mounted on the front, protected by the clear window.

Tone controls

The unique tone controls provide separate control for mic/line inputs and music inputs so that the voice on the microphones can be specifically optimized for excellent speech or singing. Correspondingly, the tone controls for background music provide the most appropriate music reproduction.


These Plena mixer amplifiers come in 120 and 240 Watts output power.

This power is directly available on 100 V constant voltage connections and on a low impedance connection for an 8 ohm load. Moreover,

the amplifiers have a separate 100 V call-only output channel for addressing areas where only priority announcements are required.

The call-only output can also be used for 3-wire remote, volume control override.


The mixer amplifier has two zone outputs. The music can be switched on and off in the zones via the front panel and optional wall panel.

Announcements from the PLE-2CS two-zone call station can be routed to zone 1 or zone 2, or both.

Announcements from the tel/100 V input or inputs 1 & 2 are routed to both zones.

Input 1 can be used for a PLE-1CS all-call call station or any other microphone or call station with a PTT contact.

Output status

An LED VU meter monitors the master output.

A headphone socket, below the VU meter, provides the mixer output before zone selection so that it is possible to listen to the output before the signal is sent to the zone.

For total reliability and ease of use, a limiter is integrated into the output stage to restrict output if the user applies too much signal.

Operating temperature -10°C to +45°C
Weight 12.5Kg
Mounting Stand-alone, 19
Dimensions 100x430x270mm
Loudspeaker output 8 ohm 44V (240W)
Loudspeaker output 100V Max / Rated 360W / 240W
Master/music output 1
Insert 1
Emergency / telephone 1
Music input 3
Mic/Line input 6
RJ-45 input 2
Hi Control Max ±12dB (frequency is setting dependent)
Low Control Max ±12dB (frequency is setting dependent
Distortion <1% @ rated output power, 1 kHz
Frequency response 50 Hz to 20 kHz (+1/-3 dB @ -10 dB ref. rated output)
Power consumption 800 VA
Inrush current 9/19 A (230/115 VAC)
Voltage 115 – 230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz



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